Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to our most popular questions can be found below.

Yes. Once we have processed your registration, download the Deliverappy app and click on the retailer link on the welcome page. From here you just complete your store profile, add some basic information on your store (such as opening times, etc) and scan the products into your catalogue, setting your prices as you go. Any barcodes the app doesn’t recognise (or non-barcoded items) can be manually added, with pictures taken directly from your phone or the web.
No, you manage your store and operate your delivery service directly from the app.
There is a store selector in the app. Only stores serving a customer’s location are visible to that customer.
Yes, the latest version of the app allows customers to order for click & collect and/or delivery. You specify which of these services you wish to operate. Note that customers must still pay through the app for click & collect orders.
Yes, you specify the delivery radius and the amount you would like to charge for delivery.
Not for those recognised by the app (of which we have a database of over 40,000 FMCG lines). For those not recognised by the app you can add a description and/or picture for them manually.
We use Stripe as the exclusive payment gateway for Deliverappy. Stripe typically charge 1.4% + 20p per transaction (subject to status).
We charge a nominal commission on each order, regardless of value. This payment is deducted from your card settlement deposit. There are no other charges (aside from the card handling fee detailed above).
Simply go into the app, locate the product and untick the “in stock” status.
Deliverappy only links with our own EPOS software. To discuss upgrading from your existing EPOS, please contact us.
There is no “contract” but you must agree to the terms and conditions of the app when you register.